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Momento has produced power sockets since 1951 and we have over the years learned how important quality and functionality is for our customers.

For those who work with service and maintenance work, it is important to be able to rely on their tools and that the equipment works and does its job when it is used.

We have used this knowledge when we decided to create our own program with hydraulic tools! In our range you will find everything you need to get the job done safely and efficiently.

We offer pumps, valves, tools and accessories that can be easily connected to the function that is needed for your application.

Tools and accessories

1. We have a wide range of pumps. We can offer hand pumps, air operated pumps and electric pumps. The choice depends on the application and how the operator is going to work. All our tools works with a hydraulic pressure of 700 bar. We can also offer high pressure pumps up to 2800 bar for other applications.

2. Cylinders are available in many different models. From 5 ton to 520 ton in standard performance. Each cylinder is also available in many different strokes.

3. Pullers are also a popular part of our program. our puller has a special locking mechanism that prevents the puller slipping off the object to be deducted, thus preventing damage to both the equipment and the operator. The pullers are available in different sizes from 4 ton up to 150 ton.

4. Other tools like spreaders, nut cutters and flange spreaders are also in our product portfolio.

5. You can also find a lot of accessories to our products. We supply manifolds, valves, hoses, couplings, gauges and much more..

6. We can also offer safety trainings as it is very important that the equipment is used correctly because it handles large forces and want to avoid accidents that can damage both materials and people.


We have uploaded our new catalogue for Hydraulic Tools.

The catalogue is available in both English and Swedish.

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