New website with a focus on usability!

We have given our website a new face that follow our graphic identity and that hopefully will give visitors an easier overview of all the information we want to convey.
In developing the new website, we focused on three core issues ie simplicity, usability and accessibility.


We believe in keeping a simple page structure where visitors can immediately gain an understanding of the site’s content. We have therefore chosen a clear navigation, where the main pages and sub-pages are presented directly. We use templates for how the images, headlines and body text presented. In this way we maintain our unified design that creates confidence for the visitor


Since nearly 40% of our visitors currently browsing on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, so we built our new website with a fluid layout or “Responsive web design” (RWD), it means that the website templates and design adapts to the screen which they are exposed on. Do you go into a little iPad or Netbook pictures are smaller and the website is not as wide. Are you sitting on a big screen so wide web and you do not feel that the website is “too small” or “trapped” and you surf via a smartphone so you get a simple yet complete version of the site.


The site now has a built-in CDN which provides a high availability, performance and improves page load times, not only in Sweden but also globally.

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